About Stupa in Morki

Morki is not “Murky”! Have you even heard about Morki? No? Really, you didn’t know, that it is the place, where is the highest density of local Kagyu Buddhists in the world. They didn’t come there from big cities, they grow up and became Kagyus after meeting Lama in Morki! We have there 1,5 Kagyus for 1000 local Pagans, atheists and Christians. Yes, originally Mary people are Pagans, many of them still follow old believe of their ancestors. Buddhist retreat center in the settlement of Morki, is situated at the territory of Mari-El Republic. It is located approximately 1000 kilometers east from Moscow, between the cities of Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.

An important event is to take place in 2012 in Morki. It will become the construction and inauguration site for an Enlightenment Stupa. Per Lama Ole’s request, Lama Chogdrup Dorje will supervise the preliminary works and ceremonies. The Lama will arrive to Morki for the first time in June of 2011 to review the site and initiate preparation of mantra rolls and plaster tsa-tsa figurines. Afterwards lots of mantra rolling and tsa-tsa making work will ensue, and all this work, as per the Lama's request, will be done on site, meaning at the Morki retreat center. Anybody willing can participate in this noble activity or the works pertaining to completion and renovation of the building on site in Morki from June 2011 through May 2012, as well as in improving and decorating the adjacent area. Simultaneously the stupa components will be cast from reinforced concrete.

The stupa construction itself, as well as related ceremonies of planting tsa-tsas, mantras, relics and jewels, will be held in the summer of 2012. The Lama will spend about two months at Morki, and he will be assisted by his brother, Lama Kunzang. At this time we will assemble the stupa from components cast previously. The stupa inauguration will take place in August 2012, on the day that Lama Chogdrup will schedule in accordance with the Tibetan calendar.